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Monday, June 20, 2005

Why post here when you have a blog lala?

'Coz unfortunately the server sapce on has been exceeded and we can no longer work there till the end of the month. It is very sad considering that I am responsible for the bandwidth limit being abused.

As you can remember, I use b2evolution as my blogging software and I have constantly been riddled with reffereal spam problems, which I chose to ignore for a long time. As it happens, there was a very easy solution to stop the referral spam but I just didn't bother. I did however implement it last week, but it was too late by then.

The fact that one of geekybodhi's articles was recently /.ed could also have accelerated the process. I am not giving any links here as you won't be able to read the articles or check out the site before next month.

Things shall get back to normal in July, when I shall most probably seperate my site from Anyways, thanks for reading.


Monday, January 31, 2005

Where am I?!?

What you might be thinking is what I've been upto the past few days. Well, it's time for the truth to be told. I am moving on.

No, not from blogging. Just that I thought it was time that I tried some new blogging software. So, I asked brother GB to lend me a subdomain. A a result you can now catch me at My Temple Of Wisdom.

I am using b2evolution as my blogging tool. There are still many things that need to be done so you can expect quite some changes in the near future :)

Many thanks for being here. I bow before thee to express my gratitude.

Follow me to my Temple of Wisdom.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Showing off S5

Hi. Yes I am back from my trip. I'd be posting more details of the trip as the day progresses.

This is the link to my article on NewsForge on S5, the presentation tool that only requires a browser. It is browser/platform independent and it allows you to make simple presentations, that is, you can't have the typewriter or the swirl effects.

Check it out.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Off for a few days

Hi all. I will be doing my vanishing act again. I am going to Agra tomorrow and then we leave for Gorakhpur the same day. I'd be in Gorakhpur till the 18th and back in Agra on the morning of 19th. This means that I will be back by 19th evening.

See ya!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tips For All -- Fighting Spam

We all want to fight Spam. And we all want to keep our emails away from the automated scripts that hunt for email ids. The first thing that we need to do is to understand what these bots are looking for:
(a) The @. It is a fundamental part of any email id.
(b) Something before and after the @.

What most people do is to include some obvious word in their id so that humans can remove it when mailing them. I am sure you have seen email id's such as or It is obvious that the words DELETE and NOSPAM are not part of the actual id. Nevertheless you could include a line saying that these words need to be removed before sending an email.

But a real smart trick can be accomplished using CSS. Let me first describe the CSS class:

.emailID {
direction: rtl;
unicode-bidi: bidi-override;

Now you know some scripts like Hebrew are not left-to-right but right-to-left. Suppose your email id was written right-to-left. ni.oc.oohay@alalxunil means nothing to you does it? It is of no significance to these scripts either. .com, .net, etc. should succeed the @, not precede it.

With the CSS class written it is now time to write your email address. Let's say you are a gentlemen. How would you give your id:

Please mail me your suggestions at div class="emailID"ni.oc.oohay@alalxunil/div

Do remember that div class="emailID" needs to be enclosed in horizontal brackets <>. So do /div. Because the template here is also in CSS I can not write the div class within brackets.

Voila! Your email id would appear normal to the viewers 'coz you have asked text to be displayed right-to-left in the CSS class. But to the bots it is as it is, meaningless.

P.S. You can do a google to learn more about uniocode-bidi. Basically it is for languages which are not traditionally left-to-right. Bidi stands for bidirectional.

Tips For All -- Reset the password field

This tip answers to all the troubles you have had when writing passwords. the question that you have often asked yourselves: Do I push backspace or should I use the arrow keys and then hit delete?

The Tip: Whenever in doubt press Ctrl+u. Works in command line and also everwhere in the GUI.

Suppose you were to type your account password in Gaim to chat, and you messed it up and are too lazy to keep the backspace key pressed, just hit Ctrl+u. It would delete the password field completely.


Hi all.

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too. I know I've been gone long but I am back now. Tell you what, I have something great in store for you. Starting right now (I'll be posting as soon as soon as this post gets published) I am starting a series called Tips For All.

I plan on share the tips I have learned over the years using Linux and some more that I have come across scouring the net. Stay tuned 'coz I have some great tips lined up for you.

The title of all tip sharing posts would be Tips For All. Just like Update is always Update and never Update 2 or Update III.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

GPL - A new rising

That GPL3 will soon be a reality is no secret. What dows remaina secret is what will the changes be. Here is an excellent three page coverage of what can be expected. With all the talk about Software Patents these days, people are of the opinion that the new GPL should address this situation.

Bruce Perens says, "I would like to see the next issue of the GPL include a mutual-defense clause regarding patents, such that if you enforce a patent against any free software, your rights to use free software terminate".

What is clear is that the version three too would have the same base clause distinguishing GPL and proprietary code. Stallman did list making compatible the GPL with other licenses as one of the changes in version 3. Another thing to watch out for is how version 3 addresses the concerns over Trusted Computing.

One wonders if there would be any clause related to the DMCA.

Only time will tell how GPL 3 does take on IP and the Patents.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Blog comment spam

Greetings. How would you like to win a cool $50,000 in one lucky night. Signup today at Casino Blah Blah.

Reads familiar doesn't it. This is a relatively very 'decent' spam message in blog comments. Comment spam in weblogs has becme a major pain since its first appearance in late 2003. But the most affected were bloggers using Movable Type. This is because of some bugs in their software that were untill recently unknown.Another bug meant that even comments blocked by bloggers were causing a drag on the servers.

Respite for all folks using MT comes with the MT 3.14 release, announced on 20th. co-founder Mena Trott said on her blog,

The sort of bugs we discovered were significant, but we were extremely relieved to have found them — really because they were addressable and it wasn’t necessarily a case of the spammers winning.

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